Where ideas flourish

Apr 13, 2020 | Reflections

Where do ideas flourish?

Do they flourish in places of hardship and hunger?

Do they flourish in places of need?

Necessity is the mother of invention.


Where do ideas wither?

Do they wither when crushed under heavy boots,

By those whose imaginations have been clipped, like wings?

By those have been bruised in moments of vulnerability?

When does hardship breed resilience, and when is it too much?


Where are ideas weighed?

Are they weighed in the mind, as possibilities are sketched?

In the imagination, where hopes take shape?

On the ground, where they are lived out as relational experiments?

Can we learn without testing and making mistakes?


By whom are ideas valued?

By those who see more in us than is currently there?

By those who have the resources to take a risk?

By those who are perspicuous enough to see need and possibility—

Both the need for trial and the need for error?


An idea is a seed,

It grows where it lands.

In fitting conditions, it thrives;

It is fed, and in turn it nourishes the soil beneath.


An idea is a seed,

In an unwilling environment, it struggles,

Or is seen as a weed,

But it also grows resilient in time, nourished by vigorous intent.


Will I respond to ideas with generosity?

Am I game to share them in vulnerability?

Am I courageous enough to birth them?

And generous enough to field them?


Sarah Bacaller (Online Teaching Support Officer)

Tuesday 14 April 2020

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