Tim McCowan OAM

BArch, BTheol, D.Min, Cert. SpDir, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Spirituality

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Spirituality, prayer, God and our human experiences of the divine, practices for healthy Christian living, biblical and contemporary models of nonviolent social engagement: (social and racial justice, reconciliation, intercultural and interreligious dialogue and care for the environment), Christian mission, the church in Australia, spiritual companioning, principles and practices of spiritual discernment, and the diverse ways we can experience God in the world today.

  • DS/DP2010S/3010S/9010S The Inner Life of a Disciple of Christ;
  • DS/DP3030S/9030S The Art of Reconciliation;
  • DS/DP3205W/9205W Action and Contemplation: The Art of Christian Engagement;
  • DS3208W/9208W Mapping the soul with the Enneagram;
  • Discernment: listening to God in life and ministry, at Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines.
  • DS3023S/9023S Following Christ in the world today (Previously)
  • BS3029S/9029S Biblical Spirituality (Previously).

Tim McCowan is Senior Lecturer in Spirituality at Stirling College and the WellSpring Centre, where he is Co-ordinator of Reconciliation.  In addition, he is an accredited Spiritual Director, Supervisor and an adjunct Professor of Spiritual Formation at the Asian Theological Seminary in the Philippines.

Tim’s research interests focus on the interface between contemplative spirituality, formational practices and social engagement.  In particular, he explores the richness of the contemplative tradition of spirituality for its potential to foster spiritual renewal, nonviolent but effective actions for social justice, reconciliation, interfaith dialogue and the integrity of all creation that reflect the reign of God.

His Doctor of Ministry (CTU, Chicago, 2001) examined the hallmarks of a spirituality that sustains Christian workers among the urban poor in Asia, arising out of his eight years of lived experience and service among squatters in Metro Manila.   His Doctor of Philosophy (ACU, Melbourne, 2013) investigated the effectiveness of the Building Bridges in Schools Program (founded by him in 2004), in promoting trust, social cohesion and cooperation in secondary students from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

Tim is ordained Baptist minister, an active member of a local Baptist community with his wife Mary, an accredited BaptCare volunteer supporting people seeking asylum, accompanies people in spiritual direction, and leads regular silent retreats through the WellSpring Centre in Melbourne and the Philippines.