Penelope Martin

Dip Min, BTheol (Hons), MTS, Grad Dip Ed, DMin

Lecturer in Ministry and Leadership

Martin, Penelope, “Young Adult Christian Leadership Formation for a Post-Christian Australian Context” (2019). Doctor of Ministry Projects. 390.

  • Leadership Formation
  • Emerging Leadership
  • DP2/3/9160S – Exploring Ministry Through Case Studies Part A (Semester One 2019)
  • DP1/8002S – Leadership Formation & Praxis (Semester One 2019)
  • DP2/3/9260S – Exploring Ministry Through Case Studies Part B (Semester Two 2019)
  • DP 1/8014S – Reflection, Vocation and Purpose (Semester Two 2019)
  • DP2/3/9024S – The Pastoral Practice of Preaching (Semester One 2020)
  • DP1/8002S – Leadership Formation & Praxis (Semester Two 2020)
  • BA2/3/9436S – Preaching Genesis (Semester One 2021)
  • CT2/8724S – A Theology of Suffering and Hope (Semester One 2021)
  • DP2/3/9164S – Supervised Theological Field Education Part A (Semester One 2021)
  • DP2/3/9264S – Supervised Theological Field Education Part B (Semester Two 2021)

Penny Martin is currently serving as the Lecturer in Ministry and Formation for Stirling College (University of Divinity) and has a special interest in practical theology and Christian leadership. She completed her undergraduate studies in ministry and theology with the Churches of Christ Theological College (now Stirling) whilst working in various ministry and leadership roles within Churches of Christ in Victoria, predominantly ministering at Ringwood Church of Christ where she and her family continue to be active members of the community. Having worked in youth ministry, young adults’ leadership and been active in setting up leadership training within her denominational context she developed a particular passion for the value of theological reflection and formation with emerging leaders and their engagement with contemporary culture. This passion led Penny to pursue post-graduate studies in Australia and, more recently, she completed her doctoral work through Fuller Theological Seminary in the U.S. Penny has been in various forms of Christian leadership for over 25 years, enjoying opportunities to work actively in teaching, preaching, consulting, and writing.