Dr Brian Macallan

CertTh, BA (Psych), BTh (Hons), GCertUniTeach, MTh, DTh

Senior Lecturer in Theology

Head of Bible

Theology and Ministry

Chair of Academic Committee

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Constructive theology, open and relational theology, process philosophy.

  • Theology for Today’s World
  • Doing theology Capstone
  • Shaking the foundations: twentieth century theology

Originally from South Africa, Brian came to Melbourne to lead Connection Church of Christ in 2008. Following this ministry he was appointed a senior lecturer in theology at Tabor College Victoria. He is currently senior lecturer in theology and Head of Bible, Theology and Ministry at Stirling. He is interested in the practical connection between faith and life and its impact for the church in its cultural context. Brian enjoys rugby union, history and the odd fantasy novel. He has two daughters and lives in Melbourne, Victoria.