Reverend Dr Bob Mitchell


Hononary Researcher


  • Mitchell, B (2017) Faith-based development Orbis Books, Maryknoll NY 2017

Book chapter

  • Mitchell B (2020) ‘When theology risks life and limb’ Chapter 14 in Barker P and Billings B (eds.) Making the word of God fully known. Australian College of Theology Monograph Series, Wipf & Stock, Oregon pp. 225-246

Refereed journal articles

  • Mitchell B (2018) ‘The case for a theology of disaster risk management’ Christian Journal for Global Health. Vol. 5 (3) pp. 47-53
  • Mitchell B (2017) ‘The church and its shadow: the ambiguous role of the church in World Vision’s development practice’ Missiology: an international review. Vol. 45(3) pp. 283 –298
  • Mitchell B and Grills N (2017) ‘An historic humanitarian collaboration in the Pacific context’ Christian Journal for Global Health. Vol. 4(2) pp. 87-94
  • Mitchell B (2016) ‘Assessing the usefulness of frameworks for sub-categorising Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs): World Vision as a case study’ Pacifica. Vol. 29 (1) pp. 57–70

Applied theology, faith-based development, governance of faith-based organisations, the metaphor of the Temple

Bob is a lawyer, Anglican priest, and researcher with an interest in many areas of practical and applied theology. He has a firm conviction that theology should be liberated to influence the world in which we live in positive ways. Dr Mitchell completed his PhD at the University of Divinity and Stirling College. His research focussed on the role of Christian faith in implementing international development programs. Bob serves the University of Divinity as a member of the University Council. He has served as a director of Mission Australia, the global ACT Alliance, Eastern Health, and as CEO of Anglican Overseas Aid. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Solicitor of the High Court of Australia.