Angela Sawyer

BA (Soc Science), Grad Dip Ed, MDiv, PhD

Lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Biblical Studies, Dean of Students, Executive Team Member, Academic Committee member

“Faithful Exiles: Reading the Exilic Theology of Isaiah 40-55 in the Context of Post-Church Australia.” PhD, University of Divinity, 2017.

“Ex-Churched in Secular Exile.” Zadok Papers 216/217, (Summer 2016): 8-12.

“Comfort the Waste Places, Defend the Violated Earth: An Ecofeminist Reading of Isaiah 51:1–52:6 and Tracy Chapman’s Song “The Rape of the World”.” Journal for Religion, Film and Media 6/2, (2020): 21-33.

“Prophet as Comedian: Satire and Politics in a Dangerous World.” Colloquium 52, no. 1 (July 2020): 67-85.

Forthcoming: “Desolate, Devastated, Redeemed, Restored: Feminist Visions of Daughter Zion.” In Terror in the Bible: Rhetoric, Gender, and Violence, edited by Monica Melanchthon, and Robyn Whitaker, 81-96. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, (pending) 2021.

Hebrew Bible, Isaiah, Prophets, Exile, post-church, feminist criticism, rhetorical criticism, trauma hermeneutics, justice issues, Contextual Bible Study, violence in the Bible

  • BS2002S/3002S/ 9002S Bible, Trauma, and Growth
  • BA1001S/8001S Introducing the Hebrew Bible
  • BS1001S/8001S Bible for Life and Ministry
  • BA2003S/3003S/9003S Isaiah
  • BA2436S/3436S/9436S Preaching Genesis
  • BA2012S/3012S/9012S Reading the Bible for Transformation
  • BA2002S/3002S/9002S Amos and Hosea
  • BA1011S/8011S Justice and the Old Testament
  • CT3007S/9007S Wisdom for Ministry: Contemporary theological impetuses of Ecclesiastes

Angela Sawyer is currently Lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Biblical Studies, and Dean of Students at Stirling College, Melbourne Australia. Growing up in South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory prior to moving to sunny Victoria, Angela has enjoyed living and travelling in cross-cultural contexts.
Angela’s research interests include the study of the exilic theme and its relevance in increasingly secular Australia, with a focus on the dynamic of church-leaving, which led to her PhD completed through the University of Divinity (Whitley College). Her current areas of research focus include feminist criticism; trauma hermeneutics and the pedagogy of trauma; justice and violence oriented themes; practical biblical reading strategies such as Contextual Bible Study.
As well as lecturing, Angela coordinates the Student Orientation, Academic Skills sessions, and Student Wellbeing areas of the college as Dean of Students. Angela is a member of the college leadership on the Executive team. She has been involved in higher education teaching for over 15 years.
Angela is accredited with the Victorian Churches of Christ. She continues to be involved in community-based bible engagement, providing public seminars and workshops with a focus on justice. Other areas of interest include spies, the ebola virus, West Wing and axolotls, as well as her family who don’t let her sit still long enough to have a good cup of tea.