Staff Giving Program

Help us create a brighter future for our College and its students. 

Stirling College has recently introduced the Stirling College Staff Giving Program to provide staff with a tax-effective opportunity to enhance the work of the College and its support for students and the community.



Through the power of collective giving, the Stirling College Staff Giving Program aims to: 
  • Provide many students access to a world-class education, regardless of cultural, social, or financial barriers; 
  • Provide support to students facing financial hardship; 
  • Offer equity grants to students for thesis completion; 
  • Offer staff and students urgent support provide access to urgent funding for a variety of living expenses like housing, food, and health and medical needs; 
  • Support the College in developing key programs and staff support initiatives.


Additional key initiatives may be introduced at the beginning of each year. 

You can join your fellow staff givers and be an integral part of changing lives through education. You can sign up as a regular giver and nominate to give out of your pay each fortnight, or you can make one-off gifts. Donations of any size quickly add up, and we welcome all participation levels. Please join the community of Stirling College staff givers who have a deep belief in our students and College by joining the Stirling Staff Giving Program. 

Join the staff giving community (see below) 


Benefits of the Stirling Staff Giving Program 

One hundred per cent of your donation goes directly to supporting students, staff in financial hardship, or the College in developing critical programs and staff support initiatives.  

  • The College matches each donation dollar-for-dollar; 
  • Donations are made through payroll from pre-tax salary, resulting in an immediate tax deduction; 
  • At the end of each tax year Stirling College will provide you with confirmation of your donations to the College; 
  • Staff have the opportunity to direct their donations to the following funds:  
    • Scholarships for students facing financial hardship; 
    • Thesis completion equity grants for research students; 
    • Financial assistance for staff and students facing financial hardship; 
    • Support for the College in developing key programs and staff support initiatives. 


Our valued staff donors are invited to a thank you and testimonial event each year hosted by the Principal, where they hear directly from students about the impact their giving has had. 


Care for your colleagues 


We are all struggling as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis. Some of our colleagues are having a particularly tough time. As a community, we rally together during challenging times. Now is the time for us to help one another. 

The College has been actively looking after the needs of both our students and our academic and professional staff.  

Some of our colleagues have spouses or family members who are out of work, leading to significant financial stress. Some have family responsibilities and circumstances that are impacted by the current situation. And, like many of our students, some are far from their home countries and family support. 

We have, therefore, created the  Stirling Staff Urgent Relief Fund.

By supporting this effort, you can provide access to urgent funding for a variety of living expenses like housing, food, and health and medical needs. 

We are all in this together. 


How will voluntary giving occur? 

It is important to emphasise that contributions are entirely voluntary. No-one should feel any compulsion to take part.  

A range of options for voluntary contributions have been carefully considered, including impacts on tax and superannuation, and ease of implementation and exiting. Two preferred methods have been approved:   


1. Payroll donation to the College  

You can set up an on-going Workplace Giving donation to the College. This donation can be for a set percentage of base salary (not including allowances or loadings) or set amount to be paid each fortnight for a timeframe of your choosing. 

The payment is technically made post-tax, with staff then able to claim tax deductions. This donation does not impact your superannuation contributions.   

You will be offered the option of donating 5, 10, 15 or 20 per cent of your base salary to the University, or a set amount. This contribution is for three months. 

You can elect to have this donation split between any of the following programs: 

  •  Scholarships for students facing financial hardship 
  • Thesis completion equity grants for research students 
  • Financial assistance for staff facing financial hardship
  • Support for the College in developing key programs and staff support initiatives. 


Staff who would like to do this should visit the Staff Giving Program Portal and select ‘Ongoing payroll donation’ from the dropdown menu. Filling in this form registers your intent to give in this way. 


2. One-off donation to the College (post-tax)   

You can make a one-off donation to the College, which is a post-tax donation for which you will receive a receipt. This can be claimed for at tax time. 

The donation is made via a credit card one-off payment and is not processed through the payroll. This method does not impact on superannuation. 

Staff wishing to make a one-off donation should visit the Staff Giving Program Portal and select ‘One-off donation’. (This does not process a donation, but informs the college of your intention to donate).