Hindmarsh Centre

Hindmarsh Church of Christ Centre for Mission and Ministry

The Hindmarsh Church of Christ Centre for Mission and Ministry (at Stirling Theological College) advances the mission and ministry of Churches of Christ in Australia by publicising the rich history of Churches of Christ and housing the national archives of the Churches of Christ in Australia. It uses the archives to tell the story of Churches of Christ to future generations of leaders and ministers through publicity and research.

Curator, Hindmarsh Research Centre

Sam Curkpatrick is a music performance Honours graduate (Monash), with further training at the Australian National Academy of Music, and has a doctorate in ethnomusicology (ANU, Canberra), during which time he was an assistant curator with the National Museum of Australia. Sam is the inaugural curator of the Hindmarsh Research Centre, which gives focus to Churches of Christ memory, identity, mission and ministry. Sam is also a postgraduate student at Stirling.

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The Hindmarsh Church of Christ Centre archives contain Churches of Christ journals, publications, church records and ephemera. We collect materials produced by the Churches of Christ Press, Austral Printing and Publishing Company, and Stirling Theological College. We collect items pertaining to local churches, especially in Victoria, and the religious lives of individuals within the denomination.  We hold a number of audio recordings, photographs, self-published memoirs and nineteenth and early twentieth-century British and American Churches of Christ publications.

While the Hindmarsh Church of Christ Centre for Mission and Ministry holds the denomination’s national archive and significant collections of theological and historical materials, not all Churches of Christ records are managed here.  Many individual churches and departments continue to manage their own records and State archives hold some church records.


Access to the collection is restricted as many items are rare or fragile.

Research Service

A research service is available. Please contact the curator (). Research enquiries are welcome.  Family history researchers are asked to include the full name, date of birth and names of churches attended by the person they are researching. Due to the incomplete nature of the collection, not all requests for information will be successful: many Churches of Christ did not keep records of marriages, cradle rolls or baptisms.  Churches of Christ practise adult believer baptism, so baptism records will not reveal parentage and dates of birth in the way christening records might.

Research Rates

A charge of $40 per hour will apply (with a minimum rate of $40, photocopying and postage included).  Charges contribute to the cost of ongoing conservation of the collection. Cheques may be made payable to ‘Hindmarsh Church of Christ Centre for Mission and Ministry’.

Online Resources

Many useful history resources, including biographies, church histories and essays, are available online. Ask the curator () for more information. In 1903, photographs and histories of almost all Churches of Christ in Australia were published in The Jubilee Pictorial History of Churches of Christ in Australasia. The State Library of Victoria is presently scanning the Jubilee Pictorial History in high quality images. An online link will be provided when the SLV has completed the work.


The most commonly requested items in the collection have been indexed.

  1. Major Periodicals: list of Australian, British, American periodicals held
  2. Historical Digest: index to names, churches and topics, 1960-2008
  3. Victorian Churches of Christ from 1853-2008: dates, name changes and archival holdings

Major Periodicals held in the archives

Australian Periodicals

Australasian Christian Standard                     1885-1897

Australian Christian                                           1898-2003 (except 1899 and 1921)

Australian Pioneer (editor: DA Ewers)          1885-1898 (complete)

Christian Advocate                                             1879

Christian Pioneer (editor: TJ Gore)                1868-1879 (complete)

Christian Watchman (editor: JJ Haley)         1880-1885

Christian Witness                                                1870s (incomplete)

Historical Digest                                                  1960-

Provocative Pamphlets/Pamphlet Club          1955-1997 (complete)

British Periodicals

Christian Messenger and Reformer                 1837-1847

British Millennial Harbinger                             1848-1870 (except 1853)

Ecclesiastical Observer                                       1871-1880

American Periodicals

Christian Baptist (editor: A Campbell)           1827-29 (complete 2nd edition)

Christian Messenger                                           1827

Millennial Harbinger                                          1830-1867

The Archives hold numerous other periodicals, in incomplete and complete series, however those listed above are most commonly used by researchers.

Click here to find an index to individuals, churches and topics in Historical Digest, published by Australian Churches of Christ Historical Society, 1960-2008

(The index records those individuals and churches who are the subject of articles or feature in sub-headings.  It does not list each incidental mention of person or church.)

Click here to find a list of Victorian Churches of Christ from 1853-2008: dates, name changes and historical records held in the archives.

Index for the Australian Christian, 1960-2002 (created by Kevin Mitchell): Excel Spreadsheet (5 MB)