Reflections on Faith and Discipleship

Today, many people feel uncertain and afraid of the future, and Christians often feel the same. At Stirling Theological College we believe that we need to fix our eyes on Jesus, looking to him for hope and comfort and new life. To help our whole learning community focus on Jesus, we have invited faculty, pastors, theologians, and other Christian leaders to contribute to this series of meditations and reflections, which will be added to each week. They ask: “How do we live as Jesus’ followers and disciples at this time? How can God’s people practise faith, hope, love, courage, and compassion during these difficult times?” These are difficult times, and we are called to be God’s people who witness to his love and service and hope. We pray that these reflections will draw you closer into the love of Jesus and the hope which we have received.

Please click on the links below to be taken to the reflections.

Reflection 11: For Barth, both election and joy belong fundamentally to the doctrine of God (20 May 2020, John Mark Capper)

Reflection 10: Strangely Otherwise and Compelling (24 May 2020, Stephen Curkpatrick)

Reflection 9: Hey! Listen! (4 May 2020, Gordon Stirling)

Reflection 8: Social change, literature and the Bible: A reflection from a small room (16 April 2020, Dr Angela Sawyer)

Reflection 7: Where ideas flourish (14 April 2020, Sarah Bacaller)

Reflection 6: Folly, Faith, and Christ (9 April 2020, Dr Stephen Curkpatrick)

Reflection 5: Vulnerable Bodies (5 April 2020, Dr Sam Curkpatrick)

Reflection 4: ‘Touching’ in a Socially Distant Culture (3 April 2020, Dr Christopher Turner)

Reflection 3: Faith, discipleship, and clarity during a time of crisis (30 March 2020, Dr Rob Nyhuis)

Reflection 2: What it means to belong (27 March 2020, Sarah Bacaller)

Reflection 1: Three thoughtful practices for centring in hard times (24 March 2020, Dr Brian Macallan)