Occupational Health and Safety

Stirling is committed to the safety of all students and visitors to our campus, and all faculty and staff adhere to the Churches of Christ Vic/Tas Code of Ethics for Ministers.  Click here to view the policy.

  1. Stirling Theological College is committed to ensuring the highest level of health and safety for staff, students and other persons within its premises or wherever Stirling staff and students may be working, studying and researching.
  2. Stirling will provide a workplace that is, as far as reasonably practicable: safe and healthy for staff, students, and visitors; and without risk to the environment, in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991, other relevant legislation, national standards and codes of practice.
  3. Occupational health and safety is both an individual and shared responsibility. The success of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and programs depends on the commitment and co-operation of all members of the Stirling community:
    1. The Principal: will ensure that this policy is effectively implemented in their areas of control, and support any person delegated to supervise and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.
    2. Supervising staff and faculty: will ensure that the workplace under their control is safe and without risks to health; and that the behaviour of all persons in the workplace is guided by the principles of occupational health and safety.
    3. Staff, Students, Visitors and Contractors: are required to co-operate and actively contribute to the health and safety of themselves and others within the workplace.
  4. Stirling will ensure that all staff, students and other persons within its premises are aware of this policy. Stirling will promote ongoing education and training programs to encourage all staff to integrate occupational health and safety into their work areas and role.
  5. All persons shall co-operate to ensure knowledge and implementation of occupational health and safety principles. The existence and effective functioning of an occupational health and safety Committee will ensure consensus on occupational health and safety issues.
  6. Stirling will integrate continuous improvement into its occupational health and safety performance. The auditing of occupational health and safety systems compliance will be an ongoing activity.
  7. Stirling aims to ensure that its staff and students are aware of their health and safety practices.