Library Services

Library Online Catalogue:

Destiny is the name of the online library catalogue that the Stirling Library uses.  You can access Destiny using any device with a web browser.  You do not need to login to access the catalogue.  LIBRARY ONLINE CATALOGUE >

University of Divinity Library Hub:

The Library Hub provides access to an extensive range of online resources and a wealth of other library-related information such as journals, ebooks and other online reference tools. The Library Hub login and password is the same as ARK.

University of Divinity Combined Catalogue:

UDCat This is a combined library catalogue that allows the simultaneous searching of multiple University library catalogues. There are no login requirements. Any enquiries about University-wide library resources and services can be emailed to

Inter-library Loans:

Inter-library loans can be arranged for post-graduate students who are unable to locate a particular resource within the UD library network.  If the item can be located in another library, we can request an inter-library loan.  The cost of this process will be passed on to the student.

University ID Cards:

The same card can be used to borrow from all libraries associated with the University. A Libraries Brochure available online via the Library Hub provides further information about all available libraries. Please note that your card and contact details need to be added to each individual library’s Management System. This will generally already be done for you at the primary library associated with your home institution. If you wish to access any other library collections, please remember to register at each additional library before you borrow for the first time.

Internet & Wi-Fi:

Students have access to the internet and wi-fi at Stirling.  Please ask the librarian or admin staff for the Stirling student wi-fi password.  Click here to view the College’s internet use policy.


There is a photocopier in the library available for students to use free of charge.