Internet and Computer Policy

Stirling makes Internet access available to all students. Use of this service is governed by the following principles:

  • The service is intended primarily as an aid to study and research. You may use it for other appropriate purposes such as obtaining software security updates, instant messaging and email, but these are considered to be secondary purposes. Such secondary access to the Internet may only be made when not in class.
  • The service may not be used for any commercial purposes, the sending of spam, nor for sending or accessing illegal content (including copyright-limited content such as pirated commercial music), nor for sending or accessing material that might reasonably be considered demeaning or offensive by any other student, staff member or visitor (such as pornographic or racist material). You should refrain from sending or accessing large files of little academic benefit.
  • Content filtering is used to govern access to some types of undesirable material, because it is unacceptable under the previous principle, or it is disruptive to others by nature, or because it causes a degradation in service for other users through excessive traffic generated, or for other reasons such as computer virus threat. Notwithstanding this, the user is responsible for all material accessed.
  • The service is not guaranteed to be available at any particular time, and its unavailability may not be used as a reason in support of requests for due date extensions for academic work or for grade revision.
  • Access to the wireless service requires the use of a password, which must not be passed on to any party outside Stirling. This password may be changed at any time by Stirling, and if circumstances require it, the level of wireless security may be raised without warning.
  • While limited help will be offered to those requesting assistance in connecting their computers to the wireless network, users are responsible for obtaining technical assistance elsewhere if their own computers cannot be made to connect by simply using the correct password.