Master of Philosophy

CRICOS Code 077752A

 The Master of Philosophy is a research program which provides an opportunity for candidates who might not have a prior theological degree to undertake advanced studies in cognate disciplines, such as history, ethics and philosophy. Candidates enrolled in the MPhil by major thesis write a 40,000 word thesis. Those enrolled in the MPhil by minor thesis complete two subjects of postgraduate coursework, and write a minor thesis of 25,000 words. Every candidate must, in addition, successfully complete an approved subject in Research Methodologies.

The MPhil offers a pathway to PhD studies. A student may also apply for their candidature to be upgraded from the MPhil to the PhD, after 12 months of satisfactory masters candidature.

Entry Requirements

The MPhil is open to candidates who have completed a four-year Bachelor (with Honours degree) in an appropriate discipline, or the equivalent, with at least Distinction level Honours. Another entry path is open to those who have completed a graduate diploma in an appropriate discipline, including a 12,000 word research essay graded to at least 75%.


The minimum length of candidature is 12 months full-time, and the maximum length of candidature is 18 months full-time or 3 years part-time. One extension of 6 months may be granted to full-time candidates, and one extension of 12 months may be granted to part-time candidates.

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