Graduate Certificate in Theology [Grad.Cert.Theol]

The Graduate Certificate in Theology qualifies students in theological study by developing or deepening their knowledge and skills in theological disciplines. It serves as a foundation for further study and a means of critically engaging Christian thought and traditions. Graduates are able to articulate insights for Christian life and social engagement.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Theology:

  1. have knowledge of sources, terms and conceptual frameworks required for theological engagement;
  2. have research, analysis and communication skills applicable to theological studies;
  3. apply skills of interpretation to texts and traditions with awareness of context, implications and application to historical and or contemporary issues;
  4. apply theological and hermeneutical skills in clearly articulating insights relevant to life, work and community settings.

Course structure

Every course of study for the Graduate Certificate in Theology consists of 45 points of Foundational units taken across three disciplines in at least two fields. View units here.

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Follow on study

Graduates may proceed to the Graduate Diploma in Theology or Master of Arts (Theology).

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