Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Care


Registered Training Organisation: Holy Family Services

The Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Care is an accredited and practical course suitable for a wide range of people involved in the care and support of elderly persons. Stirling Theological College and Churches of Christ Community Care (CCVT) are proud to sponsor this important initiative in local, accredited training in pastoral care and ageing. This course is suited for people interested in pastoral care and ageing, pastoral carers from any faith background, and those working or volunteering in community roles and in aged care.

This is a VET course, which is accredited by Holy Family Services (NSW) and taught in East Melbourne, Victoria.

Course Structure

There are five modules in the Diploma. Each module is composed of blocks with a total of six days attendance for each module. The blocks are scheduled over an 18-month period. Attendance is required from 9.00am–4.30pm for each of the set days. Between face-to-face sessions, participants will be required to engage with older persons in a workplace or community setting for a minimum of eight hours a month, and complete assessment tasks.

The Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Care consists of five modules:
  • Pastoral and Spiritual Care of the Elderly
  • Pastoral Care and Ageing
  • Pastoral Care and Dementia
  • Pastoral Care in a Palliative Setting
  • Pastoral Care Coordination

Units of Competency:

  • CHCCSL502A: Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills.
  • CHCCSL503B: Facilitate the counselling relationship.
  • CHCCSL501A: Work within a structured counselling framework.
  • CHCORG428A: Reflect and improve on own professional practice.
  • HLTHIR403B: Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and workers.
  • CHCCM402E: Establish and monitor a case plan.
  • CHCCS503B: Develop, implement and review services and programs to meet client needs.
  • CHCICS410A: Support relationships with carers and families.
  • CHCCS502B: Maintain legal and ethical work practices.
  • CHCORG525C: Recruit and coordinate volunteers.
  • CHCQM501B: Facilitate an accreditation process.
  • HFSPC1: Facilitate pastoral and spiritual care services for elderly persons.
  • HFSPC2: Provide pastoral care support responsive to the specific needs of elderly persons living with dementia.
  • HFSPC3: Provide pastoral and spiritual care in a palliative setting.

Entry requirements

  • CHCPAS401B Undertake pastoral work.
  • CHCCS426B Provide care and support relating to grief and loss.

These units can be undertaken as additional units within the Diploma.


All participants must have a placement in a setting where they can offer pastoral care to older people for a minimum of eight hours per month for the duration of the course. If you are not placed in a setting where supervision is provided, you may need to fund an external supervisor in addition to the course fees. The Course Coordinator can assist with making these arrangements.