Advance Diploma in Theology and Ministry [AdvDipTheolMin]

CRICOS code 047446D

The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry is a fully accredited award of the University of Divinity. The Advanced Diploma consists of 16 semester units and can be completed in no less than two years, and no more than six years. The Advanced Diploma includes four foundational units in the following disciplines: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and Systematic Theology, and two further units in either Biblical Studies and/or Christian Thought and History. Apart from these basic compulsory units, students are free to select the remaining 10 units from the wide variety of units on offer.

At Stirling, all units have been approved for the University of Divinity’s Bachelor of Theology degree. Diploma students wishing to transfer to the degree program will receive full credit for all work successfully completed in these units. Candidates for the Diploma in Theology and the Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry may also apply for credit for work completed at another approved tertiary institution.

What is this course about?

 The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry builds on the Diploma in Theology by enabling students to deepen their understanding of the key theological disciplines of Biblical Studies and Christian Thought and History and in Ministry. This occurs through further study in those disciplines, and in the area of practical ministry studies.

Course learning outcomes

 Graduates of the Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry will:

  • Have significant foundational skills for critical study of Christian texts.
  • Have skills to articulate and reflect upon foundational theological, scriptural knowledge and apply this to ministry practice.
  • Have strong analytical skills allowing them to analyse and communicate sound theological arguments, especially in relation to ministry tasks or worldview perspectives.
  • Apply their skills and knowledge to their own and other contexts and traditions through culturally relevant ministry practices.
  • Apply their skills and knowledge to the service of others through practical engagement and in contexts such as practical support ministries or cultural and philosophical analysis.

Course structure

The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry consists of 240 points (16 standard units) of study:

  • 15 points of Old Testament
  • 15 points of New Testament
  • 15 points of Church History
  • 15 points of Systematic Theology
  • 30 additional points from Field B (Biblical Studies) and / or Field C (Christian Thought and History
  • a further 150 points of study.

Each standard Diploma unit (15 credit points) runs for one semester of 15 weeks, including three weeks for reading and examination, and normally has three class hours in each teaching week, including tutorials.

Units focused on ministry practice will involve supervised field placements, in which preparation, participation and evaluation of practical work play a key part.

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Follow on study

Graduates may proceed to the Bachelor of Ministry or Bachelor of Theology.

Entry Requirement

The Diplomas are open to people who have completed Year 12, International Baccalaureate or overseas equivalent.  Probationary entry is available to mature-age (21 years or over) students without a Year 12 qualification.

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods in this course range from academic essays, assignments and examination, to journaling, group projects or competency assessment. The MCD University of Divinity Coursework Studies Committee approves all methods to ensure equity in standards.


The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry can be completed in no less than two years, and no more than six years.

Study Modes

Candidates may attend classes on-campus or study units online, or a mix of both.


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