Unit Codes.

Unit Codes

Units are offered at the following levels:

  • Undergraduate Level 1
  • Undergraduate Level 2
  • Undergraduate Level 3
  • Postgraduate Foundational Level 8
  • Postgraduate Elective Level 9

E.g. BN1001S or BN1/8001S
1/8 = unit is offered at both Level 1 and Level 8

Fields and Disciplines

We structure our learning, teaching and research around four broad Fields of study. Each Field contains a number of disciplines:

Field A: Humanities

AL Biblical Languages
AL Languages ancient and modern

Field B: Biblical Studies

BA Old Testament
BN New Testament
BS Biblical Studies

Field C: Christian Thought and History

CH Church History
CT Systematic Theology

Field D: Theology: Mission and Ministry

DA Mission and Ministry
DD Spiritual Direction
DM Missiology
DP Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies
DS Spirituality
DZ Professional Counselling

Field R: Research

RQ Research

Field X: Master of Counselling

XP Master of Counselling


E.g. BN1001S = unit is offered in Field B: Biblical Studies

E.g. BN1001S = unit is offered in the Discipline of New Testament

Unit Codes

The unit code indicates the discipline, levels and delivery of the unit:

BN1/8001S Interpreting the New Testament
OR…. BN1001S and BN8001S

B = the unit is in Field B.
N = New Testament.
1/8 = 1 indicates that it is a Level One unit for undergraduates and 8 is a Level 8 for postgraduate.
The second, third and fourth figures are the proper numbers for the unit itself.
S = the unit is taught at STC. [Other Colleges are indicated by different letters.]