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Theories of Ethical Counselling Integration

This unit will explore the theories and ethical application of Professional Christian Counselling that seeks to integrate Psychology, Theology and Spirituality.   

Offered: Refer to Timetable

Undergraduate: Level 2

Discipline: DZ Professional Counselling 

This is a core unit of the advanced diploma in Counselling. 

Counselling Integration Practicum.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Engage with and reflect on personal spiritual formation experiences 
  2. Discuss ethical implications of integration from a Christian worldview 
  3. Consider the underlying theoretical and philosophical base of a specific approach to integration. 
  4. Consider the implications of client diversity as it relates to the integration 
  5. Appreciate the complexities of integration in an Australian Context. 


Practical Assessment (6 x 500 words each) 75%
Essay (1,500 words) 25%

Select Bibliography:

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