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Supervised Reading Unit

Elective or capstone unit for postgraduate coursework degrees

With the approval of the Stirling Academic Dean, students may undertake specialised study with the guidance of an appropriate supervisor in a Supervised Reading Unit (SRU). This is a reading course for advanced students majoring in the selected discipline. The content, learning outcomes, bibliography and type of assessment will be proposed by the student in consultation with a supervisor (member of faculty) and finally approved by the Stirling Academic Dean. Students taking a supervised reading unit (SRU) will be required to meet with the supervisor at least monthly.

Undergraduates may enrol in a Supervised Reading Unit only when they have met the usual prerequisites for third-level study in that Field. An SRU may be taken either as a 18-point unit (5,000 words) or a 36-point unit (10,000 words).

Postgraduate students may enrol in an SRU as a postgraduate elective unit or Master’s capstone
unit. An SRU may be taken either as a 24-point unit (6,000 words [8,000 from 2020]) or a 48-point unit (12,000 words [16,000 from 2020]).

In addition to the re-enrolment procedure, an SRU Approval Template must be completed by the student and supervisor and submitted for approval to the Stirling Academic Dean at least one week prior to the semester census date. Students may link this unit and its assessment tasks to participation or presentation in a scholarly conference during the semester in which the unit is taken. If taken as a capstone unit, the assessment must demonstrate the student’s ability to integrate their studies across the
disciplines of their course.

In consultation with the supervisor, students may audit a coursework unit related to an SRU to guide their reading, thinking and writing (no fee).

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Supervised Reading Units may be taken in any discipline in which a Stirling academic staff member is both accredited and willing to supervise.

Assessment: 1 x 6000 word essay  100%

Pre-requisite: at least 72 points in the field

Faculty: by arrangement

Offered: every semester by arrangement with Faculty

Bibliography: selected with faculty advisor