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Spiritual and Self Leadership

The spiritual environment of Christian ministry and personal level of resources influence personal wellbeing and professional effectiveness.  In this unit, participants will: engage current research on the causes of ministry burnout; be introduced to the patterns and indicators of ‘at risk’ practice; explore ways of integrating healthy practices for sustainable ministry. A core focus upon healthy personal, spiritual practices will engage different models in ways that respect cultural and theological diversity.

Lecturer: Refer to Timetable
Offered: Refer to Timetable
Also offered online as DA9717S

Postgraduate: Level 9 elective

Discipline: DA Mission and Ministry

Approx. two years of leadership experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Describe and illustrate contextually the symptoms, patterns and causes of ministry burnout.
  2. Articulate the practices and boundaries required for a healthy personal life amid the demands of ministry.
  3. Articulate the challenges of spiritual and interpersonal dynamics in the ministry environment.
  4. Describe a variety of spiritual practices and identify those appropriate both to themselves and to the context of their ministry.
  5. Theologically reflect on case-studies in leadership settings and integrate the learning within their context.


Book Review (1500 words) 25%
Interview and report (1500 words) 25%
Essay (3000 words) 50%

Select Bibliography:

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