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Pastoral and Spiritual Care in a Multi-Faith Context: Reflecting, Respecting, Practising

Lecturer: Dr. Christopher Turner

This unit will focus on pastoral and spiritual care for persons, patients and families in a multi-faith, multi-disciplinary setting. The semester will include three field immersion days, five professional supervision sessions and two face-to-face seminar days. Students will visit three religious communities other than their own. In order to enhance their understanding of the needs of patients, family members and communities each visit is designed to maximise the participant’s experience of: spiritual care practices; cultural distinctives; rituals, both corporate and personal of that faith group. The context of care will be hospitals, other healthcare facilities or community-service settings and faith communities during times of crisis, illness, suffering, death and dying. Areas of cultural differences within the practices of each faith group will be highlighted. Assessment tasks will evaluate these themes contextually, vocationally and theologically, develop guidelines for reflective practice as spiritual care practitioners in a multi-faith setting and thus provide an opportunity for integrative reflection.

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