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Justice in the Old Testament

This is an introductory unit to the Hebrew Bible, with a particular focus on reading the texts through a broad theme of justice. The unit will explore the relationship between justice and other theological themes such as righteousness, peace, liberation, law and inclusion. Notions of the justice of YHWH, and justice in the world will be examined, including issues of injustice and suffering.

Historical, cultural and literary contexts of the Hebrew Bible will be explored in the light of the theme of justice. Modern exegetical approaches to the biblical text will be incorporated and evaluated.

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. Describe the historical, cultural and literary contexts of the Hebrew Bible.
  2. Explain the intersection of the theme of justice with other themes in the Hebrew Bible.
  3. Engage different approaches to biblical interpretation by analysis of Hebrew Bible texts.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to use biblical study tools.
  5. Evaluate biblical themes and texts in connection with contemporary issues related to justice.

: none

Faculty: Angela Sawyer


  • One 500 word critical reflection on set reading        20%
  • One 1500 word tutorial paper – theological              30%
  • One 1500 word essay – exegetical                               40%
  • Online forum: Each student contributes 3 posts (100 word each) in response to a question, statement or case study and posts 3 x 50 word responses to 3 different posts  (Total 450 words)            10%

: in first semester 2019 to Catalyst students

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