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Human Research Methodologies

Lecturers: Rev. Assoc. Prof. Graham Hill & Rev. Assoc. Prof. Darrell Jackson

Research formation is enabled by helping participants to: identify research focus and questions; evaluate, choose and implement an appropriate methodology, including evaluation of mixed methods; understand and prepare for the gaining ethical clearance; develop a literature review. Theological Reflection will be explored in the context of the Action Research Cycle. Research methodologies particularly relevant to Counselling and Psychotherapy, Practical Theology and Ethnographic Research may include: Action Research, Grounded Theory, Autoethnography, Narrative analysis and Case Study. Specific data collection methods such as interview, surveys and focus groups will be considered. Modified Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) and Software (eg NVivo) resources that assist with research writing, data collection, analysis and referencing will also be evaluated.

Delivery mode: Mixed (3 days, Whitley College; 4 evenings online)

Semester 1, 2021: March 16 and 17, May 4 (Whitley College);  Evenings online 30/3, 20/4, 11/5 and 18/5


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DP9034S Human Research Methodologies