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Following Christ in Australia Today

Second or Third Level Unit for Undergraduates
Elective Unit for Postgraduates

Also taught online as DS2/3/9723

Content: This unit explores the Australian context of the twenty-first century in order to discern where God’s Spirit is active and how followers of Christ can be positively involved with this Spirit for growing the reign of God.

Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. Articulate a critical theological understanding of the Australian context in the twenty-first century;
  2. Outline principles for discernment of the Holy Spirit’s activity in human and a faith community’s experience;
  3. Analyse their lived experience in the light of select passages in the Gospel narratives;
  4. Identify challenges and resources for ministry in Australia in the twenty-first century;
  5. (third level) Identity an opportunity for ministry and the likely challenges in one particular contemporary context.
  6. (postgraduate) Research the opportunities and issues for ministry in one particular contemporary context.

Prerequisites: for postgraduates and undergraduates – one unit in Field B and one unit in Field C.

Faculty: Tim McCowan



Undergraduate (2nd level):
One 2000 word seminar paper 40 %
One 3000 word essay 60 %

Undergraduate (3rd level):
One 2500 word seminar paper 40 %
One 3000 word essay 60 %

One 3000 word seminar paper 50%
One 3000 word essay 50%

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