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Engaging Diversity: Reflection, Discernment, Formation

Students will engage processes of reflection, mindfulness and self-awareness that enable the naming and holding of discomfort, ease, questions, concerns and challenges in the context of personal difference.  Content includes topics such as spiritual diversity, language, philosophy, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ability/disability. Formation in the discipline of diversity is designed to further develop spiritual and pastoral care as practitioners engage and listen to those who are radically other.

Lecturer: Refer to Timetable
Offered: Refer to Timetable

Undergraduate: Level 2 & 3
Postgraduate: Level 9

Discipline: DP Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies  


Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. articulate their values, beliefs and practice behind working with those who are radically other.
  2. illustrate how their own beliefs and practices either affirm or critique the radically other.
  3. describe how pastoral encounters with the radically other invite and prompt their personal growth and change through reflective practice.
  4. (second level) identify and analyse the encounter with the radically other and illustrate how such challenges can be integrated within their practice.
  5. (third level) evaluate and describe their role in the presence of the ‘radically other’ in the community.
  6.  (postgraduate) engage and reflect upon small group dynamics to develop a theological and pastoral rationale that communicates their role and interprets the presence of the ‘radically other’ in the community.


Undergraduate: Level 2
Participation and presentation in class seminars (equivalent 1000 words)  25%
Triad reports  (equivalent 1000 words) 25%
Reflections on a personal journal (1000 words) 25%
Critical Essay (1500 words) 25%

Undergraduate: Level 3
Participation and presentation in class seminars (equivalent 1000 words) 25%
Triad reports  (equivalent 1000 words)  25%
Reflections on a personal journal (1000 words) 25%
Critical Essay (2000 words) 25%

Undergraduate: Level 9
Participation and presentation in class seminars (equivalent 1000 words) 25%
Triad reports  (1500 words)  25%
Reflections on a personal journal (1500 words) 25%
Critical Essay (2000 words) 25%

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