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Cross Cultural Exposure

Foundational unit for postgraduates

This unit gives opportunity to reflect missiologically on a supervised group field trip.  It explores the issues of cross-cultural agency while offering students an understanding of the relationship between gospel and culture. It further allows the student to personally reflect on their own cultural bias and assumptions.

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. Describe several examples of cultural differences that inhibit dialogue
  2. Describe the missiological approach of a cross-cultural agency
  3. Articulate and reflect on issues of gospel and culture
  4. Outline and analyse their own responses to being in another culture
  5. (level 2 undergraduate) Describe a specific cross cultural model of engagement
  6. (postgraduate) Analyse and evaluate a specific cross cultural model of engagement

Pre-requisites: the field trip / experience must be at least seven days duration.

Faculty: Brian Macallan

Engagement required for this unit:

12 hours preparation prior to the field trip
6 hours orientation and introduction to the field work during the trip
4 x 1.5 hours peer supervision sessions during the trip
12 hours for debrief and reflection after the trip


Undergraduate level 1

Responses to readings (2 x 500 words)  30%
Reflective summary of journal (1000 words)     30%
Major paper (1500 words)           40%

Undergraduate level 2

Responses to readings (2 x 500 words)  30%
Reflective summary of journal (1000 words)     30%
Major paper (2000 words)           40%


Responses to readings (2 x 1000 words)               30%
Reflective summary of journal (1500 words)     30%
Major paper (2500 words)           40%

Offered: as a Catalyst unit in 2019

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