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Christ Amid Life’s Complexities

This unit is foundational to the discipline of Systematic Theology. Requisite skills are developed for proceeding to elective units in theology. Christian testimony to Christological presence is articulated in conversation with contextual issues, challenges and vicissitudes of life. This unit will draw upon theological perspectives that are generated from the interface of Christian testimony and contemporary life, such as faith, community, hope, ethics and freedom. These perspectives, in turn, give evidence to the character of Christological presence.

Lecturer: Stephen Curkpatrick
Offered: Refer to Timetable

Undergraduate: Level 1
Postgraduate: Level 8

Discipline: CT Christian Thought and History 


Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and evaluate Christian testimony to Christological presence by reference to scriptural and theological sources relating to Christian faith, community, hope, ethics and freedom;
  2. Develop critical criteria for evaluating the adequacy of contemporary Christology in relation to contemporary life;
  3. Demonstrate an elementary awareness of epistemological and hermeneutical issues arising in the interface between Christology and human experience;
  4. Demonstrate competence in interpreting variegated theological resources for Christian presence and testimony.


Document Studies (4 x 1000) 60%
Essay (3000) 40%

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