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Advanced Counselling Theories, Processes and Strategies

Lecturer: Dr. Art Wouters

This advanced unit builds on the core skills and theory essential for professional counselling that students have learned during undergraduate and /or postgraduate years of study. Students are required to both broaden and deepen their therapeutic conceptualising and practice skills through critical and reflective engagement with counselling theories and techniques that are sufficiently diverse so as to challenge them to hold conflicting ideas in tension, for example Person – centred, Cognitive Behaviour, Acceptance and Commitment and Strength based approaches to counselling. Students will also evaluate their knowledge of counselling integration by analysing different approaches to eclecticism leading to the reflective development of a systematic counselling approach of their own.

Delivery mode: Online

Semester 1, 2021:  

Sat. 6 March, 10am-4pm

Sat. 17 April,  10am-4pm

Sat. 22 May,  10am-4pm

Sat. 7 August,  10am-4pm

Sat. 11 September,  10am-4pm

Sat. 16 October.  10am-4pm

(All in Melbourne time)

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XP9077S Advanced Counselling Theories, Processes and Strategies