Stirling’s Alumni Association is a network of people who have studied at College of the Bible, Churches of Christ Theological College and Stirling.


The membership of the association is made up of those who have studied at the College of the Bible, Churches of Christ Theological College and Stirling Theological College.

While the majority are graduates of the college, or of the Melbourne College of Divinity, the Association also comprises any who have studied, even if for only a brief period, at the College. It is appropriate that the latter are included, given the changing nature of college offerings, and Stirling’s commitment to developing educational opportunities for lay members of local congregations.


The newsletter is produced at least once a year and is sent to members via email, or through the post, if they do not have access to email. The newsletter details important developments at Stirling, as well as news of alumni. The editor is happy to receive material from alumni, brief articles or personal news. Of particular importance are eulogies. The editor, however, reserves the right to determine whether not to print the material submitted.


Linda Young is the Newsletter Editor. She would be pleased to:

  • Receive news for inclusion in the digest. If you conduct the funeral service for a fellow alumnus, the editors would appreciate a copy of your eulogy for publication in the newsletter. If you are forwarding information about other alumni, please make sure you have their permission.
  • Receive offers of assistance with the production and distribution of the Newsletter.
  • Receive suggestions on ways in which the Association could be further developed.
From the Editor

This Newsletter is your Newsletter. The Editors are dependent on you for news. Most Alumni are interested in what other Alumni are doing – about what is happening to their friends and acquaintances, some of whom they may not have heard from for many years.

Please let the College know of changes of address, your own and others. It is also important that we circulate news of the death of Alumni or their partners. Detail is important. If you are able to pass on material from eulogies it will help those unfamiliar with the person to identify them. It also helps celebrate the lives of those who have gained inspiration from COB/CCTC/Stirling.


There is a yearly subscription to the Association of $10 per year for a single subscription and $12 for a joint subscription (where both partners are alumni).

If you subscribe online, you can pay your subscription directly into Stirling’s bank account:

ANZ Brandon Park
BSB 013 231
Account 3034 11536

If you do not wish to register online, you may also send a cheque via conventional mail payable to:

Stirling Alumni Association
44-60 Jacksons Road

Please don’t forget to include the following details with your cheque:
Your name
Address to send subscription
Subscription type: $10 graduate or $12 joint graduate

Alumni Subscription

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