Welcome to Stirling College!

There are many reasons why people chose to go to College and study Bible, counselling, theology, ministry, mission, and more. God has given you gifts and abilities to enrich the church and the world. Stirling will help you discover your God-given gifts and enhance and grow them.

At Stirling, we encourage you to develop a vibrant personal relationship with God to sustain ministry and discipleship for the long haul. At Stirling, we challenge you to apply God’s truths to your life and ministry.

Our Vision

A transformative educational community empowering people to serve Jesus, churches, and society.

Our Mission

Equipping Christians to transform churches, lives, and communities, in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Our Values

Christ-centredness: We are dedicated to following Jesus through biblical faithfulness, compassion and witness, and service of church and world.

Generosity: We are intentionally welcoming and exploratory, and faithful to Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Courage: We are committed to bold and prophetic witness, actions, and faith, that lead to innovation, influence, and impact.

Innovation: We value innovative, quality, and intentional research, teaching, and courses, with purpose-driven focus and interdisciplinary character.

Integrity: We value transparency, accountability, healthy communication and interactions, and Christian maturity.

Partnership: We are committed to creative and purposeful relationships with churches, stakeholders, and ministries.

Our Strategic Goals

We are committed to these goals:
1. Mobilising people for ministry, mission, and service in diverse vocations.
2. Creating a transformative student experience.
3. Seeking excellence and innovation in education and research.
4. Pursuing a holistic and integrated learning environment.
5. Contributing to a more just and compassionate world.
6. Becoming a leading destination for Christian education in Australia and the Asia Pacific.
7. Partnering with likeminded groups to offer quality training within churches, workplaces, and other settings.
8. Stewarding our resources wisely to effectively serve church and society.

Our Tagline

Faith . Life . Culture

Faith: Deepening discipleship, theology, and faith through Christ-centred and generous education

Life: Equipping Christians to impact the world and follow Jesus in every area of life, through interdisciplinary and holistic education

Culture: Changing lives, churches, and neighbourhoods through outward-focused and culturally-engaged education

Our Invitation to You

We pray you will join us at Stirling to study Bible, theology, Counselling, chaplaincy, ministry, mission, and more, and that your time at Stirling will be lifechanging.