Welcome to Stirling College!

There are many reasons why people chose to go to College and study Bible, counselling, theology, ministry, mission, and more. We all need equipping, no matter what kind of ministry God calls us to. We need effective skills in relating to others and in the give-and-take of good interpersonal communication. We need skills in demonstrating and receiving love and respect, and in forming healthy relationships. We need to learn how to lead and serve effectively. Bible and theological colleges are a great place to go and get equipped for ministry and service.

God has given you gifts and abilities to enrich the church and the world. These gifts might include serving, teaching, leading, giving, exhortation, counselling, or a range of other things. Theological colleges can’t give you gifts. But they can help you discover your God-given gifts and enhance and grow them. Theological college is a great place to grow a deeper sense of calling, and to enhance the gifts God has given you.

Great theological colleges expand and challenge your thinking and understanding. They teach you to think theologically and put your learning into practice. They help you develop a Christian worldview. They expose you to a wide range of literature. This includes Scripture, missions, theology, ethics, social sciences, philosophy, counselling, psychology, and history. And they challenge you to respond to what you’re learning and to change.

At Stirling, we encourage you to develop a vibrant personal relationship with God to sustain ministry and discipleship for the long haul. At Stirling, we will introduce you to practices that help you do this. We invite you to spend time in prayer and reflection and to have a personal encounter with God. We challenge you to apply God’s truths to your life and ministry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Christ-centred learning community that equips people to advance God’s shalom for the flourishing of the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve and equip movements of God’s people which gather in and around the central figure of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, living out his Way in their neighbourhoods, and inviting others to do the same.

Our Values and Commitments

We value these shared commitments: Glorifying God, sharing Christ and his gospel, living in the Spirit, making disciples, affirming the authority and power of the Bible, nurturing diversity, enabling spiritual formation, collaborating in ministry and mission, practising servanthood, working for justice, and promoting visible unity.

Our Unity

Our unity is shaped by this commitment: “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things love.”

Our Invitation to You

We pray you will join us at Stirling to study Bible, theology, Counselling, chaplaincy, ministry, mission, and more, and that your time at Stirling will be lifechanging.