About Stirling College

Who studies at Stirling?

There is no one ‘type’ at Stirling. People of all ages, and different backgrounds, eager to serve God in a variety of settings from their church to their neighbourhood to overseas, study at Stirling. We also have people wanting to discover creative and faithful ways to reflect Jesus in today’s constantly changing world, and people training to be ordained ministers of Churches of Christ in Australia, as well as other Christian traditions.

What sort of students does Stirling hope to produce?

Stirling is committed to ongoing theological reflection and the formation of each member of our learning community. Stirling is committed to being Christ centred in heart, thought, word and deed. We form people towards Christ centred lives, mission and ministry. Stirling is committed to giving students the best possible skills to read the Bible in its original context and to then reflect on what that means for today and how to apply it in their lives, not just for their own benefit but to benefit the Body of Christ in its diverse and varied expressions.


Stirling students will graduate with these attributes:


Graduates are equipped for critical study especially of Christian texts and traditions


Graduates articulate theological insight and reflection


Graduates communicate informed views through structured argument


Graduates engage with diverse views, contexts and traditions


Graduates are prepared for the service of others

What can you study at Stirling?

There are a range of subjects and courses to study at Stirling, ranging from diploma level to PhD. What you can study will depend on the reasons why you want to study. Personal discipleship? Church leadership? Ordination? Chaplaincy? Personal interest? Click here to find out about the course options at Stirling.

Who is Stirling connected to?

Stirling Theological College is a national agency of the Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (CCCA) and is also a national partner of the Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT). Stirling Theological College is also a college of the University of Divinity.

Is Stirling new?

No, we’ve been around for over a century. The College of the Bible, as we were first called, was established in 1907, and has moved its location and changed its name a few times since then. In 2011, Stirling changed its name to its current form to honour the life and ministry of Gordon Stirling. To read more about Stirling College’s history, click here.

Where is Stirling located?

Stirling’s campus is located at 44 – 60 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave 3170 Victoria.
You can contact us on or



At Stirling, students are intentionally assisted to face the realities of life and ministry as mature and thoughtful Christians.