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Stirling Leadership Conference: Closing Thoughts

The 2019 Stirling Conference held in early August was an outstanding success.  Building on our first conference in 2018, this year the focus was on the equipping of leaders and ministers for effective ministry.


The two keynote speakers were very well received by all participants. Dr Karina Kremenski opened her world in Surry Hills, Sydney, to participants.  Karina reflected openly and profoundly on what it is to be a Christian presence in a complex and diverse area.  And she also explored the issues involved in placemaking and listening for the work of the Spirit.  Dr Carson Reed from Abilene Christian University, Texas, explored the subversive message of Matthew through examining the outline in which the Sermon on the Mount is set.  He also explored what it is to have a full heart, mind and gut response to God, especially from Philippians.

Each of the four seminars were well appreciated, with enthusiastic contribution from participants.  Dr Rob Nyhuis opened the possibilities of preaching from Ephesians.  Similarly, Dr Angela Sawyer explored preaching Isiah.  Expect both Isaiah and Ephesians to be preached more in the next twelve months!  Dr Chris Turner helped participants become aware of the signs of possible domestic violence and best methods of bringing pastoral care and guidance for people in potentially harmful and dangerous settings.  And Dr Andrew Menzies provided an overview of effective and good governance for churches.  All participants form all workshops were practically equipped for better leadership.

A continual comment throughout the conference was how refreshing it was to go to a Christian conference where the Bible was used so regularly and treated so seriously.  Matthew, Philippians, Ephesians, Corinthians and Isaiah in particular were explored.

Be sure to look out for the 2020 Stirling Conference!


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