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Stirling Conference: Closing Thoughts from the Principal

It was a real privilege to be a participant in the first ever Stirling conference last weekend.  The theme was ‘Loving God, Loving Neighbour’ and the keynote speaker was Emeritus Prof Tony Campolo. At the age 83, Dr Campolo is a truly stunning example of a passionate, growing, ever learning Christian and it was a marvel to see his continual interest and reflection on how to present Jesus in a complex ever-changing world. Dr Campolo said plenty of thoughtful and potentially controversial things for us to consider and ponder over, and at no point were presentations dull! It was a great privilege for us to have him amongst us for the weekend.

The weekend also gave us an opportunity to consider leanings and ramifications of the #metoo movement. There was an extraordinarily competent and experienced panel that gave us considerate reflections to the questions which came from those in the room. It is exciting to be part of a Christian learning community that sincerely desires to learn and reflect about a meaningful Christian posture for the challenges we face in modern culture.

There were two other events over the weekend that were also particularly helpful. On the Thursday night we enjoyed a dinner for friends of college, and as part of the Stirling conference, Doctor Campolo spoke at an emerging leaders breakfast in Camberwell on the Saturday morning. Both of these events enabled intimate groups of people to be encouraged and resourced by the college. We look forward to next year’s program of events (at roughly the same time of year) when we’ll together have the opportunity to open our bibles, our minds and be inspired.

For those who missed the conference, the two keynote messages by Dr Campolo are available to listen or for download here.


Andrew Menzies
Principal of Stirling Theological College