Getting Your Results

All results for Stirling units are entered in TAMS (‘Theological Academic Management System’). TAMS allows students to access their academic record online (on a ‘read-only’ basis) so:

  • You can check that your personal details are correct.
  • You can check that your enrolment details for each semester are correct.
  • You can send an Enrolment Summary to your email address.
  • You can check your results after they are published.

Once you have logged into TAMS, you will see a summary screen.

To get your results, scroll down on the Summary screen to the line headed ‘Course Enrolled by Student’. Click on the ‘Academic Record’ button on the right hand side of the screen, aligned with your course’s name. This will display all units you have enrolled in for this course, together with the results for those units you have completed.

Note: The summary screen doesn’t always reveal everything on your record. Full details will appear on the printed or emailed enrolment summary.

If you want a hard copy of your results, go back to the Summary screen and select ‘Email Enrolment Summary’. You will then receive your enrolment summary as a PDF.