Admission forms

Application for admission for domestic coursework students: [PDF] [Word doc]

Application for admission to do a single subject (for students not wanting to complete a course – this is the form for cross-institutional study): [PDF] [Word doc]

Application for admission for overseas coursework students (requiring a student visa): [PDF] [Word doc]

Research Students

Admission Form for Domestic Higher Degree by Research Students: [PDF] [Word doc]

Admission Form for International Higher Degree by Research Students: [PDF] [Word doc]

Other forms for research students

Current Students

Guide to Presentation of Essays and Assignments

Assignment cover sheet: [PDF] [Word doc]

6,000 word supervised reading unit outline: [Word doc]

12,000 word research essay outline – please consider this advice sheet when completing this outline: [Word doc]

Add or delete a unit of study before the census date: [PDF] [Word doc]

Application for students wishing to audit one or more subjects: [PDF] [Word doc]

Application for extension: [PDF] [Word doc]

Application for external study (for students seeking approval to take units at other institutions): [Word doc]

Course Variation and Extension Form (for students seeking an extension to the time allowed to complete a course or a variation to the course structure) 

[PDF] [Word doc]

Course general amendment form (leave of absence, withdrawal, financial variation etc.): [PDF] [Word doc]

Course Transfer form: [Word doc]

Overload application form: [PDF] [Word doc]

2017 re-enrolment form for continuing students: [Online form]