Access Enrolment Summary

An Enrolment Summary informs students of their current course, unit, and grades.


To access your Enrolment Summary:

• Login to TAMS (find username and password instructions here)
• You will be directed to your TAMS Dashboard which contains student details and student image
• Underneath ‘Student Details,’ select ‘ACTIONS
• A dropdown menu will appear. Select ‘Email Enrolment Summary
• You will be redirected to a blank white screen. This means your Enrolment Summary has been emailed to your email address. You can exit the blank screen.
• Login to your email account. An email will appear titled ‘University of Divinity – Student Information
• The Enrolment Summary will be attached as a PDF document.


It is important for students to notify Stirling if personal details change.

Please note: This is not an official academic transcript. If required, find information here.