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This unit is designed primarily as a continuation course in biblical Hebrew, although it will also cover exegetical issues. Apart from work in grammar and textual criticism, we will look at issues of translation and the date of Ruth from a linguistic perspective. The examination will reflect the emphases of the chosen Field – A or B.

Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Translate and exegete selected passages from the book of Ruth.
  2. Discuss text-critical issues in the book of Ruth.
  3. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of Hebrew grammar and syntax.
  4. Discuss the linguistic evidence for the date of writing of the book of Ruth
  5. Level 8: Undertake postgraduate-level research and demonstrate appropriate exegetical skills


Pre-requisites: Level 2: AL1011W and BA1001W (previous AL111.15 and BH101.15)
Level 8: AL8011W and BA8001W (previous AL111.15 and BH101.15)
Level 2:
Weekly translation exercises (equivalent to 1,500 words total) 30%
One 1,000 word exegetical paper 30%
One two-hour examination 40%
Level 8:
Weekly translation exercises (equivalent to 2,000 words total) 30%
One 2,000 word exegetical paper 30%
One two-hour examination 40%
Class Time:

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