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Church and Mission

Elective unit for postgraduates

The unit examines, evaluates and engages models of church and mission from theological, missiological and practical perspectives. Specific attention is given to the relationship of the church to the mission of God, the reign of God, and the world the church is called to serve and engage.

An important component of the unit requires the student to reflect on and analyse their church in its current mission and ministry context.

On successful completion of this unit the student will be able to:

Articulate an understanding of the nature of the church and its relationship to the mission and reign of God.
Identify and apply principles of mission to select aspects of church life (leadership, worship, sacraments, pastoral care, etc.).
Articulate a reflective response to selected case studies in mission and ministry.
(level 3) Evaluate and critique models of church and illustrate contemporary issues of mission.
(postgraduate) Develop a theological rationale for the mission of the church with reference to a particular context.


Undergraduates – 45 points in foundational units, including 15 points in Systematic Theology.
Postgraduates – 15 points in Missiology and 15 points in Systematic Theology.

Faculty: Les Henson


Undergraduate level 2
Case Studies (2 x 500 words)  25%
Minor Essay(1500 words):      25%
Major Essay (2500 words)      50%

Undergraduate level 3
Case Studies (2 x 500 words)  25%
Minor Essay (1500 words)      25%
Major Essay (3000 words)      50%

Case Studies (2 x 500 words)  20%
Minor Essay (1500 words)      20%
Theological rationale for the mission of the church (500 words)      10%
Major Essay (3000 words)      50%

Offered: On Wednesday evenings (6.00-9.00PM) in first semester 2017


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