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This unit explores the development of the Christian belief in the person and work of Christ over the first five centuries of the church. It focuses on other time periods, such as the Reformation and the present, and their contribution to Christology. The unit addresses questions related to contemporary Christian life and witness in the light of current thought.

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. Articulate the historical shifts in the development of Christological doctrine of the first five centuries.
  2. Describe a selection of reformed perspectives of the work of Christ.
  3. Outline and critique theological challenges arising from contemporary understandings and descriptions of Christ.
  4. (level 3) Apply Christological insights to contemporary worship or witness.
  5. (postgraduate) Reflect theologically on the role Christology plays in a chosen social issue.


Pre-requisites: undergraduate and postgraduate – 15 points in Systematic Theology

Prohibited combination: CT9071S – Christology without fig leaves or any other unit on the person and work of Christ.

Faculty: Dr. Jeffrey Pugh


undergraduate level 2
Seminar paper 1500 words 30 %
Reading report 1500 words 30 %
Major Essay  2000 words 40 %

undergraduate level 3
Seminar paper 1500 words  30 %
Reading report 1500 words  30 %
Major Essay  2500 words 40 %

postgraduate level 9
Theological exegesis of an historical document (1000 words) 10%
Seminar paper (1000 words) 20 %
Reading report (1500) 30 %
Major Essay  (2500 words) 40 %


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