Study Fields

Stirling teaches in four fields of study. Each of these fields has its own disciplines or specialist areas of study:

# indicates cross disciplinary units
Units in bold indicate foundational subject

Field A: Humanities

Biblical Languages, Philosophy, Culture and Sociology

Field B: Biblical Studies

Old Testament and New Testament

Hebrew Bible

New Testament

Field C: Christian Thought and History

Theology and Church History

Systematic Theology

Church History

Field D: Practical and Public Theology

Ethics, Worship, Mission, Ministry, Pastoral Care and Helping Skills, Leadership, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Spirituality and Supervised Field Education


Practical Theology

  • DP1/8017S Theological Reflection on Vocation and Purpose – Part B
  • DP1/8014S Theological Reflection on Vocation and Purpose – Part A



Pastoral Studies

  • DP3/9070S Pastoral and Theological Issues in Ageing
  • DP2/3/9022S Pastoral and Spiritual Care in a Multi-Faith Setting: reflecting, respecting, practising
  • DP9033S Pastoral Care at end-of-life: Advanced Theory and Practice
  • DP8032S Pastoral Care at end-of-life
  • DP2/3/9007S Advanced Pastoral Care and Helping Skills
  • DP1/2/8001S Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • DP2/3/9020S Pastoral and Spiritual Interventions with Children

Research Methods

Specialized ministry and leadership intensives

Each discipline has a foundational subject, which must be completed before undertaking more advanced subjects in the discipline. For example, ‘Introducing the Hebrew Bible’ is the foundational subject in the Old Testament discipline. This unit must be completed before undertaking more advanced subjects in Old Testament. Once these foundational subjects have been completed, the range of subjects to choose from increases dramatically.