Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Divinity

(a qualifying award for the aifc Graduate Diploma in Counselling)

What this course is about

The Graduate Certificate in Divinity allows students to explore areas of interest in divinity and its associated disciplines. It serves as an introduction to the broad field of study of theology or philosophy and disciplines which are associated with them.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Divinity

  1. have knowledge of key concepts in one or more areas of divinity and associated disciplines
  2. have basic research, analysis and communication skills applicable to postgraduate study
  3. apply skills of interpretation to texts or concepts.


The GCDiv requires completion of any 3 standard postgraduate units.  A set curriculum is required or students wishing to qualify for the aifc Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy – click here for more information.

Follow on study

Graduates may proceed to a Graduate Diploma or Masters’ degree by coursework.(Spiritual)

Graduate Certificate in Leadership

An incredible opportunity to learn alongside like-minded change agents and pioneers in a course that will grow and develop your unique leadership gifts.

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What is this course about

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership allows students to focus on the spirituality of organisations and to integrate spirituality, leadership and organisational transformation.  Graduates are equipped to meet the challenge of new moral imperatives facing the world.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Leadership:

  1. have knowledge of how processes, structures, skills and attitudes impact on organisational development at different stages;
  2. have skills in reflection, research and communication required for effective engagement in organisations;
  3. have engaged with conscious and unconscious processes in self and other, informed by the spiritual pedagogy and dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises as applied to groups as well as to individuals;
  4. apply key concepts of organisational behaviour, systems thinking and spirituality to the task of leadership, including processes which facilitate healthy organisational development and transformation.

Candidates must complete the following units:

  • either DA9016S or DA9716S Spiritual and Self Leadership
  • either DA9018S or DA9718S Leading People and Teams
  • DP8011S Reflective Practice

Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology

The Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology is a postgraduate award for students preparing for a higher degree by research. It enables students to survey a range of research methodologies appropriate to divinity and its associated disciplines and to undertake a short piece of original research. Graduates who meet the other requirements for higher degrees by research may be eligible for admission to the Master of Theology, Doctor of Theology, Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy.

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology must complete 45 credit points as follows:
a) a postgraduate unit in research methodology (worth 15 points)
b) a 12,000 word Research Essay (worth 30 points).

Graduate Certificate in Supervision [GradCertSuperv]

The Graduate Certificate in Supervision is designed for a person with at least three years of experience in ministry who wishes to supervise others. The course will form students as supervisors of ministry practice, and enables them to develop key skills in supervision in one of three streams: spiritual direction, healthcare practice, or pastoral ministry. You will also learn to supervise others and enable them to:

  • Realistically assess their ministry skills.
  • Develop more accurate awareness of areas of pastoral strength and weakness.
  • Become aware of emotional patterns and responses.
  • Grow in spirituality and theological reflection.

The GradCertSuperv requires completion of three standard postgraduate units (two core units and one specialist unit). Please note there are special entry requirements for this course – see the brochure for more details.

Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry [GCCFM]

The Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry provides an academic qualification which can be used to accredit people who are engaged in ministry with children and their families. Safe practice and effective ministry with children, demands practical expertise, pastoral awareness, and ethical depth. This qualification will assist the church (and associated agencies) to

  • Build a cohort of professionals and enthusiasts;
  • Provide opportunities for growth in this area;
  • Grow expertise in the Children’s Ministry Network;
  • Improve skills and standards in the sector; and
  • Enhance community recognition for people engaged in ministry with children and their families.

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry will:

  1. Have a broad knowledge of biblical texts and the Christian tradition, particularly as these bear on theologies of the child, and child spirituality.
  2. Apply a clear vision of mission to children and their families in various contexts.
  3. Have a critical understanding of pastoral practices and theories of child development as these apply to ministry with children and their families.
  4. Apply the skills of theological reflection in a coherent practice of ministry with children and their families.
  5. Have an understanding of ministry that recognises and values the spirituality and experiences of children.

The Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry consists of 45 points comprised of:

  1. DA8015S Children and Families Ministry: Core Issues in Diverse Contexts;
  2. DA/DS9019S The Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Children; and
  3. A further 15 points.

Graduate Certificate in Theology [Grad.Cert.Theol]

The Graduate Certificate in Theology allows graduates in relevant areas to develop particular skills and knowledge in a focussed area. The certificate can also be taken as an introductory course in Theology. Three 15 point subject units are required. The three units must be Foundational units taken across three disciplines in two Fields, or 45 points for a stream of study approved by the Coursework Studies Committee. A Graduate Certificate graduate can progress to the Graduate Diploma.