Assignment Submission

Assignments are submitted on ARK, unless otherwise indicated by your lecturer.

On your ARK dashboard, each unit you are enrolled in has two pages with different titles:

1) Jesus: His Person, Mission and Impact – Meta Unit
2) CT2009S-20187 Jesus: His Person, Mission and Impact

The ‘Meta unit’ page is where you submit assignments.
Where there are numbers in the title (and does not state ‘Meta Unit’), you will find all resources and general information relevant to the unit.

Need help? Once logged into ARK, video tutorials can be found unit the Academic Skills unit.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service. Submitted documents are checked against its database and the content of other websites with the aim of identifying plagiarism.

Find instructions submitting assignments through Turnitin here or watch the the tutorial videos on the Academic Skills unit on ARK.

Due Dates

The due dates for essays and assignments will be notified by the lecturer in each unit or unit guide.

Additional Information

It is a requirement of the University of Divinity for assignments over 750 words to be submitted by ARK. For assignments under this word count, it is the lecturer’s discretion as to whether the assignment needs to be submitted via ARK or via another means. This will be indicated on the unit guide.

Hardcopy assignment submission may be lodged in the slot provided next to the reception window.

Penalties will be applied to late submission of essays/assignments received after the agreed date – see extension information here.

View the University of Divinity Assessment Policy here