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We recommend prospective students first contact the Stirling Registrar by email or phone to discuss your options. Our Registrar can help you with unit selection and a myriad of questions that you might have about college life.

Current Students:

ADD OR AMEND ENROLLED UNITSfor current students who have previously enrolled in units during 2018 but would like to add to or amend their unit choice.
for continuing or inactive students who have not yet enrolled in any units in 2018.

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Applying at Stirling:

Applicants for Stirling Theological College are expected to be keen inquirers, willing and able to relate to people, and have a level of maturity that enables them to apply themselves to the discipline of study and the development of their gifts. The minimum age for admission is 18 years, but experience indicates that much more gain is made if students are at least a few more years older. Some life and employment experience is desirable before entry to College. Applicants need satisfactory completion of a Year 12 course of study at a secondary college (VCE or its equivalent). Alternatively, those who are 21 years of age or over at the beginning of the semester are able to begin studies and qualify by satisfactory completion of a probationary period of study.


When you come for an interview, you need to bring a number of documents, which we may ask to copy for your file:

  1. Proof of your citizenship this may be a full birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate.
  2. Proof of name change if different from above (full marriage certificate, etc).
  3. Transcripts of your previous study, such as a degree or diploma, certificate, VCE or other qualifications. These are requested to qualify for particular awards and may also be helpful in applying for credit if that is warranted.
  4. Your tax file number is required if you wish to apply for FEE HELP.